Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Finally admitting.................

OK, so I am knew to this whole blogging thing, and if it wasn't for my good friend Robin, I probably still wouldn't have gone through with it. But, after reading her trails and tribulations, it made me understand that I am not the only person out there who could use a little extra incentive to get back in shape, to be healthy, and to take better care of myself.

First, a little back story. I have always been in shape. Maybe not in the best shape possible, but for a guy my age, I stayed active and regularly attended the gym. I have also been very lucky to have never suffered any serious injuries over the years. That was until last year. About mid spring, I notice a slight twinge in my right knee. Initially, I shrugged it off as a pain of getting older. All my older friends reminded me whenever they could, that these would come in due time. I figured, I would take off a week or so and it would go back to normal. One week turned into two, two into four, and before I knee it, I was half way thru summer and still was nursing a bad knee. Finally, Katie, the wife, had enough of my bitching and moaning and made me go get it looked at. After a visit to an orthopedic, a MRI and a second visit, I found out I had a torn meniscus and some other knee cap related issues. I was hoping rehab would be the answer, but I ended up having to have arthroscopic surgery. So, September 3rd, I got 'scoped' and two weeks later I went in for a follow up only to be told that I was a slow healer and I would need to stay off the knee for an additional 5 weeks. This was terrible for me. Those who know me know how much I like to jet ski. Having to sit on the sidelines and watch my friends ride deep into October was horrible. Meanwhile, because the racing season was over and I was having a bit of a pity party, I decided I was going to enjoy eating until I could get back into the gym.

Fast-forward three months....... Rehab was slow going, but eventually, it started to show results. My knee got healthier, but I was still on strict orders from my doctor and physical therapist not to over do it. The holiday seasons came and went, and before you knew it, the new year arrives. At this point, I am ready to get back into the gym and start getting back in shape. I had noticed my pants were a bit tighter on me, but I figured no big deal. Then came Jan. 5th. Monday. Worst day of the week. Worst day of the week, following two full weeks of vacation. Two weeks of eating and playing video games with my nephews. Two weeks of candy, cookies, ice cream, brownies.... need I go on? Yes, folks, Monday, Jan. 5th.... the day I stepped on the scales at the gym and realized I had gain 20 pounds in 3 months. I almost had a heart attack right there in the gym. To be honest, I was so upset with myself, I almost left and went home. Needless to say, my workout sucked, my mind wasn't in the right place for sure, but that is no excuse. On that very day, I realized that I needed to do three things if I was ever going to get where I needed to be. 1 - eat better 2- get back on a regiment of working out 3- stop drinking soft drinks, even the diet ones.

So, here I am, one full week into my transformation and hopefully well on my way of reaching my goals. It is simple really, I need to get back to where I was two years ago. Some of my family get on me about getting 'too thin' but it is a mental thing with me. When I see a certain number on the scales, I am just mentally healthier. Katie has been very helpful, she knows how much I like to each, especially the sweets, and she has dedicated this year to being better with her diet as well. That is a HUGE help. For years now, one of us would be on some diet while the other wasn't. You have no idea how hard it is to diet when your wife is sitting next to you devouring a bowl of pasta and some cheese fries. Or me devouring a bowl of ice cream while she is trying to be good.

Anyway, the journey begins. I hope by publicly stating to the world I need to do something will give me the extra incentive I need to stick with this. Our 20th High School reunion is coming up as well. Would be nice to show up being proud of myself instead of wondering if people notice how much weight I have gained.

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  1. wooooohooooooooo another blogger! no more sweets when we recruit or doughnuts. My high school reunion is this summer as well and I want my ex to drop his jaw!