Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Surprising Start

I am a notoriously bad dieter. I really don't like it. For a relatively average size guy, I can eat. Seriously, I can give Kobeashi (the hot dog eating champion) a run for his money. And that is why I hate to diet. It isn't that I mind the food that much, it is the fact that I can't go out and gorge myself on sushi or pasta.

So, here we are, two weeks in, I am not all that happy because of the diet and I really don't feel as if I have lost any weight. On top of this, while my knee is MUCH better than it was this time last month, it still isn't where it needs to be for me to work out the way I want. And I can't rely on running or the steps to make up for lapses in my diet.

OK, so Friday was a big deal. I have been deliberately staying away from the scales because Katie has convinced me you should only weigh yourself once a week. I am not going to write what I had ballooned up to, but it was the most I have ever been. So, I go to the gym, I get changed, careful to make sure I am wearing the same amount of clothes I was wearing on day 1, and I head to the scales. It is so hard to believe that a little step up silver base could cause such deep seeded hatred, lol. I begrudgingly step on the scales............ hold my breath....... and to my wonderful surprise............. I lost 7 pounds. I was so shocked, I stepped off the scales, waited a second so they could reset, and stepped back on.......... again, same thing........ 7 pounds. Now, when I started this journey, my goal was to lose 18 lbs by the time we leave for Florida - Feb. 25th. Basically, I figured I needed to lose a little over 2 lbs per week to hit my goal. I cannot believe I have nearly hit the half way mark in two weeks. All this without really being able to push it physically in the gym. I am stoked!!!

Well, well. Maybe there is something to this dieting thing. Katie has been a huge help. She has taken on the role of the warden of the Nazi camp. I have told her more than once over the last couple of weeks that I didn't much like her. But, she is doing what she knows I need to be successful on this journey. And, I love her for it. My best friend at work has also been a huge help. She is on her own personal journey and has a lot more potential potholes and is still doing very well. If she can do it, I have no excuse at all.

In two weeks I have gone from hating myself for what I had become, to loving myself for the results I have been able to achieve. Suddenly, I am really excited about where I can take this. As my knee gets better, I COULD relax the diet, but now, I am wondering what I could do if I actually had both the diet and working out under control? Time will tell.......


  1. I was thinking of a horrible name that I could call you for losing 7 pounds in 2 weeks but then you were nice about me so I am happy for you! You rock!!!!!!

  2. by the way i am logged in as Mimi but it is really Robin!